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Here are some Testimonials

From some of our students

Kelly Taylor
Style: Muay Thai Kick Boxing
Weopons: Numbchucks (Chako)
Occupation: Actress

Mylah Tolentino
My training has been the best workout ever.
Not only do I have more confidence in my ability
to protect myself if need be but I also feel better about
myself and more motivated to working on my strength,
endurance and of course my appearance :) Thank you!!!
Mylah Tolentino Partner/Marketing Director

Gloria C.
Style: Muay Thai Kick Boxing and Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo
Weopons: Arnis /Kali /Eskrima
Occupation: Student

Lisa Smith
Style: Muay Thai Kick Boxing
Weopons: Arnis
Occupation: Student

Edwin E Jr.
Learning from my sensei was fun. It took just a day to
learn Arnis. I also learned boxing, self defense, and
Muay Thai Boxing. My sensei is a good teacher .he
teaches well.

Constante' Sampang
Sensei made learning Arnis very enjoyable. It is nice to
learn a martial art native to my culture. At first learning
Arnis seemed complicated, but Sensei explained the
movements very clear. In fact I learned the basics in
just one night. In addition to learning self defense
techniques, this art gives you confidence and self
discipline. Not to mention a great work out. That's
Sensei for being patient with me and teaching me
the fundamentals of Arnis

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