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Schedule and Prices

Shihan Castaneda
is now only available for private instructions.

To Schedule an Appionment
Please send an e-mail to

Castaneda Martial Arts reserves the right to choose who is selected to study with us.

Castaneda Martial Arts Code of Conduct
  • Respect - I will show respect for the Martial Arts seniority ranking system and structure, all members of the Martial Arts family and other martial artists, all human beings, respect for society, institutions, other nations, cultures and all aspects of life and nature.
  • Honor - I will never bring dishonor to myself, my family, my friends, or to the Dojo
  • Self Control - I will only use my Martial Arts for self-defense, to protect myself, my family, or my friends
  • Honesty - My personal, business, academic, and family life will be conducted honestly, and will not accommodate lying, cheating or stealing.
  • Mercy - I will always show mercy and compassion to all living things.
  • Loyalty - I will be faithful, supportive, defend and be true to myself, my family, colleagues, friends, and the way of the art.

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