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Photo Gallery

It's Time To Train !!!

Paul Yamaguchi Hanshi
(Middle) with the guys at the 2004 Gathering in Portland Oregon.
Yamaguchi Hanshi is one of the original 5 black belts of Dr. James Mitose (1915 - 1981 Kosho Ryu Kempo)

Hanshi Bruce Juchnik
(22nd inheritor of Kosho Ryu Kempo)
and Shihan Sid Castaneda
at the Gathering 2004.

Prof. Imi Okazaki-Mullins
and Shihan Sid Castaneda at the 2004 Gathering.

Paul Yamaguchi Hanshi
and Shihan Sid Castaneda at the 2004 Gathering.

Deshi with Hanshi, Feb 2004
From Left to Right:
Robert, Anna, Jason, Faye, Bob, Greg, and Joe

The Gathering 2003
The introduction of the great masters at the Gathering in Sacremento, California

Oregon Trip August 2003
Anna and the Girls back from the Oregon trip.

Bodega Bey Trip, June 2003
Kosho practitioners at Bodega Bey

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