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Martial Arts Collective Society
The Martial Arts Collective Society, or MACS
is an organization that was created to help
to preserve the traditions of all martial arts.

Sei Kosho Shorei Kai International
A 750 year tradition of philosophy and personal
development based on the Natural Laws that
govern our existence. True Self-defence with
no body contact at the highest levels; the ultimate
potentially destrutive art tempered by the morality
of the Japanese warrior monk.

Martial Arts Centers International
Bruce Juchnik-Head Instructor
PO Box 888, Orangevale, CA 95661
916 988-6586

Kosho Ryu Kempo
Terry Webb-Head Instructor
San Diego, CA

United Martial Arts Center
Kevin Areia-Head Instructor
5800 Antelope Rd. #4, Sacramento, CA 95842
916 726-6330

Elk Grove Martial Arts Academy
Pat Kelly-Head Instructor
Elk Grove, CA 95024
916 686-KICK

Un Mon Dojo
Larry Kraxberger-Head Instructor
Portland, OR

Take Niwa Dojo
Mark Burnham-Head Instructor
510 E. Dartmouth, Gladstone, OR 97027
503 722 9021

Rhode Island Martial Arts
Michael Brown-Head Instructor
Providence, RI

Shoshin Dojo
Jon Ludwig-Head Instructor
29 North Cass Ave. Suite 1A Westmont, IL 60559
630 918-9789

Ito's White Tiger
Robert Ito-Head Instructor
1119 Grant Ave., Novato, CA 94945
415 897-0676

MATA SA BAGYO Filipino Martial Arts
Stockton California
Guro Carlito Bonjoc, Jr. - Head Instructor
209 992-0832

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